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An authentic supplier of  Rice, Organic Cumin Seeds, Organic Sesame Seeds, Natural Chia Seeds, Natural Coriander Seeds, Soy products, Wheat Flour, Onion, Sugar, Chickpeas, Grains and Seeds etc.

About Us

ADS Global EXIM is well known import and export and brokerage firm in the business of Agricultural Commodities and is established with an objective to score its image into the business world with top quality and hi-profile business ethics. We play a strategic role of international commodities and agent in the raw agricultural commodities trading value chain including processing, branding, merchandising, origination and distribution, therefore reaping operational synergies and cost efficiencies transferring final benefit to end user.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realize the importance of immunity and how it plays a crucial role in keeping a person fit and healthy. In order to boost immunity, it is important to eat pure and chemical-free edibles. Seeing the increase in the adulteration in food items, we, ADS Global EXIM, decided to join the food industry with the intent to supply the best of quality consumables. Our supplier and wholesaler company has joined hands with organic farms & certified vendors from whom we procure different products like Spices, Rice, Soy products, Wheat Flour, Onion, Sugar, Chickpeas, Fruits, Grains and Seeds etc.

We have formed associations with reliable shipping companies that help us provide products in a safe and quick manner at customers doorstep. We have hired adroit team of experts too. Our professionals work zealously for the benefit of the company and clients.

Our commitment to serving customers up to the mark of their expectations in an ethical manner has helped us to gain popularity within a short duration of commencement. We are happy to see that we are being successful in our efforts & have customers who are happy with our services.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission of our quality-driven company is to serve buyers with the best-in-class products that are grown/processed in accordance with the industrial norms. We also have a strong desire to lead the industry by setting a benchmark of excellence on the grounds of ethics, quality products and fair policies.

The vision with which we are working is to expand our venture and benefit not only our company but our associates, stakeholders, customers and employees as well.

Why Us?

  • Network: Our network reach is wide because of which we are capable of serving buyers timely even from far-flung areas.
  • Opportunity identification: We identify opportunities from the global agricultural markets that help us serve customers in a better manner.
  • Pricing: The price we charge for our Soya Products, Chickpeas, Spices, Grains and Seeds and other products is fair; we never add any extra expenses in the final bill.
  • Single Point of Contact: A representative from our company always remains available at customers service until they get their consignment. Our professional assists clients at the time of need so that their purchasing experience with us is impressive.
  • Risk Management: We as a company also manage the risks of our clients in the market.
  • Exclusivity: We are strategic, swift, ethical and hardworking, which helps us in attracting customers looking for exclusive products.
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